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Cameron Osborn
‘After looking around for driving instructors Ian’s reputation proceeded him for being one of the best in the area. I totally agree with that as he not only helped me pass first time with one minor, but he did so quickly and very enjoyably too! I recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor as not only is he a fantastic instructor, but a really nice person too.’ 

 All the best, 

Cameron Osborn

Maggie Lazar
Just a thank you note ,now i am driving and i am doing all that you thought me and very often i think ” this is what Ian said so” and i laugh ,it is amazing how much i remember and every time i am with my daughter in my car i am not afraid because you thought me well to drive . I am  100% sure that if would have been a different instructor i would not been at this stage . I will recommend you to every one because i do recommend only the best and keep doing  WHAT YOU ARE DOING -YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love and big thanks .

Maggie Lazar  P.S.”See you in traffic”

Harry Herbert
Ian!  You are a star!!!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Harry.  Passing first time is a first in our family – and he’s number 5 of 5!  We are very grateful for your great work.  Harry says you are a really excellent teacher and I can only agree!

Kind regards Kate Seal (mother of Harry Herbert).

Adrianna & Victor
My husband and I recently moved to the UK and both had lessons with Ian before taking our practical test. We were already drivers but we sure couldn’t have passed first time without his help! He is a patient, thoughtful and kind teacher. His tips were precious and the lessons were key to fix old driving habits and allow us to succeed. Huge thanks, once again!

Alex Hawthorn.
A friendly, calm and relaxed Driving Instructor. Learning to drive with Ian not only enabled me to pass first time bit it was also an enjoyable experience. His straight forward approach to manoeuvres and clarity of explanation has enforced a calm and safe driving style in every journey I make.

Katie Barlass
Ian is a good teacher and I felt well prepared and ready to take my test so passed first time!

Farai Muranzi
A good instructor who explains all the detail well. He is also a sociable and understanding which makes the lessons feel less of a burden as they are actually enjoyable. He is helpful in explaining anything you are unsure of and ensures you understand everything not just for passing the test; but for future driving as well. The most important thing was that the lessons were also accessible at different times to suit me and the duration was fair considering the fact that a learner is trying to save some money as well. Overall it was a great experience and he helped me pass my test at the first time of asking. You cannot ask for anything else…

Jack Walker
Hi Ian
Great result for you and Jack today. Thanks so much. Just 1 minor is amazing! Obviously will recommend you to others. Lou Walker.

Erica Shorter
I wanted to let you know I passed! Thanks very much for that lesson, it really helped.

Duncan BarberIan was first recommended to me on the basis of his high first time pass rate. After the tuition, it is easy to see why it is so good. He is a great teacher, quickly making me feel comfortable behind the wheel and instantly observing all aspects of my driving in order to pick up and correct any developing problems, approaching them in a tactful and constructive way. Enjoyable lessons with a supremely efficient instructor, I would highly recommend Ian to anyone.

Georgia Whittaker
Just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great driving instructor and thank you for all your time and effort in helping me to learn to drive and pass my test. You’ve been great. x

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nina burness

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