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You can be like Millie Rothman (pictured) and pass your driving test with me. This page is all about you being an absolute beginner or very close to it and how I will help you pass your driving test so you can have your driving licence and do all the things you want to do.

Beginner lessons are so exciting and hmmm if you are experiencing a pinch of nerves as well, that’s fine, most people do. On your first lesson I am going to take you to a quiet location away from your home so you can get started without well wishers looking on. The last thing you want are friends, family and neighbours waving you off.

So once we are in a quiet, traffic free area its your turn and this is the start of you learning some really good driving habits. When you take your test its all about you being a safe driver, in control, obeying the laws of the road and knowing whats going on around you. Mix that together with good driving habits and you will fly through your driving test.

Pick up the phone and we can start to plan your driving!

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