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Passing Your Driving Test


So when do you want to be hitting the road and driving your own car? Because that is what learning to drive is all about.

When I help you to pass your driving test, I’m going to make it easy for you because my lessons are going to give you a whole lot more…

…Leaving you fully ready for any driving test and having the confidence you need to impress the driving examiner.


Driving Lessons Chandlers Ford

You are so close to getting your driving licence and leading the life you want to live. You know, passing your driving test and getting your driving licence means so much more than having a longer sleep in the morning because you don’t need to catch the bus…though that is one great bonus!

Once you have your driving licence and the freedom to drive anywhere loads of opportunities come your way. It could be a better paid job, going to your preferred university, meeting new friends or just weekend road trips. ¬†Imagine yourself loading up your tunes and going away for a long weekend with your friends…that’s what a driving licence brings to your life.

I have a range of driving lessons to suit your needs and all of which are designed to help you become a great driver. Passing your driving test is easy when you know how, and its not about the thought process and thinking of “passing”. You see the driving test is designed to verify if you can drive on your own without any support, so thats what you are going to be doing before you go into the driving test.

Just before your test you will be doing some fine tuning and work on advanced driving, in short you won’t need me and thats how I am going to prepare you for the driving test. You will end up going into your driving test being able to show the driving examiner you are good to go, and you will have the confidence as well.

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Ian was a legend with his driving lessons and he got me through first time.

John Diver

I cant recommend Ian Sage enough. Brilliant driving lessons and I passed first time. Shame he supports Southampton.

Karla Townsend

I highly recommend Ian Sage to teach anyone to pass their driving test. He was excellent with both of my two sons

Mrs Jane Ball


From your first driving lesson you are going to learn good driving habits which will help you pass your drivng test and become a safe driver.

Driving Test Rescue

Have you considered the real reason for you repeatedly failing is not your fault and that the instructor isn’t preparing you correctly?

Part Trained

As you can already drive the last thing you want to do is start with a beginners lesson, so show me what you can do and we will build your skills from there.

Weekend Lessons

So you are busy with work or studying, well thats fine, how about you take lessons and even your driving test on a weekend?

Confidence Building

Feeling nervous and anxious is not what you want when driving a car. I am going to help you take control and feel comfortable.

Pass 1st Time

Before you go into your driving test you will have all the skills you need to pass first time. Lets do it!

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